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Off the Market?

Where To Next?

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If you have made it to this page then there is good chance you had a property that was on the market, but was removed because it was left unsold. Not all houses sell the first time around, and that's understandable. What is important is what can be done from this point forward. We specialize in helping homeowners, by offering a fresh start on the market.

One of the most important aspects of selling your house is showcasing more than your furniture and appliances... Your property is what's for sale and that is what we intend to market. As you can see in the above slideshow the space looks less cramped, and no longer like a weight-room in a Brooklyn basement. This particular home was previously on the market for 74 days with very little activity. After we took over the listing, the home was Under Contract in 28 days, after 12 showings. After schools were back in session and the market had started to slow down. The final contract price was only $1,500 under the previously listed price. In many cases, properties are mere dollars away from receiving a contract, but without interest properties will not sell.

Our Promise to You

We add more value to your property with these resources. 

· Professional Photography

· Zillow Premier Video - Boosting listing on the most popular consumer search.

· Facebook Live Video Promotions - NEW

· HD-Video For Facebook & Website Marketing - NEW

· Drone/Aerial Photography - NEW

· Promoted Social Media Ads (paid advertisements at no extra cost to you)

· We proactively call neighborhoods around your area to seek actual buyers and/or home owners who have family or friends looking to relocate to your area.

(For more samples of our photography and one of our videos, follow the link below)

We Value Relationships

Our job is to sell your property, but our goal is to build a lasting relationship in order to provide lasting service for all of your real estate needs. Let's have a conversation today about how we can get you back on the market and start driving interest to your property quickly. There is no obligation and of course even if you decide not to list with us at this time we understand and will part as friends.